ACRI is an organization associating companies active in the rail supply industry in the Czech Republic. ACRI is the associate member of UNIFE (the Union of the European Railway Industries). It represents interests of all of its members and branch interests of the rail supply industry especially towards the Czech authorities and through UNIFE also towards the European institutions. The ACRI member base includes companies engaged in the development, design, manufacture and maintenance of the guided land transport systems, superstructure, infrastructure, information technology equipment, railway components, materials and provision of services.

The ACRI headquarters is located in Prague. It currently associates 50 members from the rail supply industry. The member base is formed not only by the large companies, but also the small and medium enterprises active in the rail supply industry. To summarize, the companies associated in ACRI currently employ more than 20,000 employees in the Czech Republic and generate an annual turnover exceeding CZK 78 billion. The share of export on the total turnover is more than 50%. The companies contribute with their business activities considerably to the employment and the gross domestic product in the Czech Republic


ACRI is a Czech national organization. It is a legal entity established pursuant to the Czech Civil Code. The association is overseen by the Presiding Board and the General Assembly.

The ACRI Presiding Board consists of seven representatives of the main categories of the railway industry. The General Assembly elects the Presiding Board for the period of one year. The Chairman of ACRI manages activities of the association based on the resolution of the General Assembly, decisions of the Presiding Board and instructions of the Chairman of the Presiding Board. ACRI comprises the following basic managing and operational bodies:

  • ACRI General Assembly
  • ACRI Presiding Board
  • ACRI Executive Director
  • ACRI Working Commissions:
    • Technical (cooperation of companies in the field of standardization, research, development, including application of results in practice)
    • Development (improving cooperation of ACRI with other organizations, development and coordination of ACRI activities).

Expert Working Groups – in the scope of ACRI commissionsRepresentatives within the UNIFE working groups