Adress: Ke Štvanici 656/3, 186 00 Praha 8
Phone: +420 225 026 111
E-Mail: GSMR-R_CZ@kapsch.net
Web: www.kapsch.cz
Employees: 14
Activity: GSM-R, Smart House, radio coverage and measurement


Kapsch CarrierCom s.r.o. forms a part of the KAPSCH Holding which is the biggest GSM-R infrastructure company world-wide.

We are the General Supplier of the GSM‑R system and the system for radio coverage in tunnels in the Czech Republic.

In-house development/production of Kapsch CarrierCom s.r.o. in the Czech republic:

  • GSM-R Smart House: controlling all operational processes in a technological building by GSM-R. An intelligent control unit which is capable of correcting errors or unsuitable procedures caused by the human factor. All of the necessary operation statuses and data can be viewed and set conveniently by means of remote access using a standard web browser.
  • STOP Module: provides the stop function for MESA 26 mobile radio stations
  • Measurement and Evaluation System: measurement system with immediate evaluation of coverage level for ETCS/GSM-R

In the field of services, we provide radio coverage planning for GSM-R and frequency planning.

Our major references include:

  • Správa železniční dopravní cesty, s.o. (Railway Infrastructure Administration): GSM-R – construction and commissioning, GSM-R SmartHouse

České dráhy, a.s. (Czech Railways), ČD Cargo, a. s., VIAMONT, a.s., ŠKODA TRANSPORTATION a.s.: delivery and installation of mobile radio stations and STOP modules