ČD – Telematika a.s.

Adress: Pod Táborem 369/8a, 190 00 Praha 9
Phone: +420 972 225 555
E-Mail: cdt@cdt.cz 
Web: www.cdt.cz
Employees: More than 500
Activity: Wholesale ICT services including telecommunication services for rail transport

ČD – Telematika a. s. realises complex projects for the railway infrastructure. With the recent development in the area of ETCS (European Train Control System) company became one of the prime suppliers on the Czech market, which collaborates with partners on fitting trains with safety functionalities using, among others, European standard GSM-R.


ČD – Telematika is a prominent provider of wholesale internet, data and voice services, and a leading supplier of fibre-optic infrastructure management, maintenance and construction services. This portfolio of activities is complemented with value-added services, including a 24/7 call centre, system integration, data-based diagnostics and analysis. Company is also a partner for cities and regions in the field of smart solutions.


From 1994, when the company was founded, over more than 27 years of operation it has built a position of one of the biggest suppliers of wholesale telecommunication services on the Czech ICT market. ČD – Telematika is a stable company with more than 500 employees, whose skills and qualifications are essential to its success.