TTC MARCONI s. r. o.

Adress: Třebohostická 987/5, 100 00 Praha 10
Phone: +420 234 051 001
Employees: 150
Activity: Dispatching systems, security solutions, information and control systems for rail vehicles, communication infrastructure, production of electronic devices

TTC MARCONI is part of the Czech investment group TTC, which operates in the field of modern technologies and real estate.


Dispatching solution IPTC-K  (KONOS) developed by TTC MARCONI offers unified communication over all channels through a single interface – dispatching terminal. Therefore, this device was selected for CDP Přerov and CDP Prague and the main corridors.

TTC MARCONI security solutions meet the requirements of an integrated solution for crisis management, incident management and emergencies (accident, failure, delay, damage, power failure, etc.) in both physical and cyber security. With advanced analytics tools and business intelligence, it also provides an overview of traffic, revealing trends and helping make the right decisions. Solutions reduce risks, increase security and control over your own operations and processes.

TTC MARCONI offers solutions for data transmission and data infrastructure including cyber security, monitoring and comprehensive network management.

TTC MARCONI offers its production capacities for the development of electronics and PCB assembly services. We provide the entire process from design to PCB assembly to testing for small and large series.