DAKO-CZ, a.s.

Adress: Josefa Daňka 1956, 538 43 Třemošnice
Phone: +420 469 617 111
E-Mail: dako-cz@dako-cz.cz
Web: www.dako-cz.eu www.dako-cz.cz
Employees: 645
Activity: Development and manufacture of brake systems and components for railway vehicles

DAKO-CZ is the leading manufacturer of pneumatic, electromechanical and hydraulic brake systems and components for railway vehicles with a tradition dating back more than 208 year. The firm, which has a planned annual turnover of around 76 million euro, 60% of which is made up of contracts abroad, is based in Třemošnice in eastern Bohemia. The owner of the company is the CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP a.s.

DAKO-CZ supplies brake systems and components for freight cars, passenger coaches, suburban units, locomotives, maintenance cars, metro cars and trams. Railway vehicles with DAKO brakes can be seen not only in Europe, but also in China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Algeria, where the company collaborates with global rolling stock manufacturers and rail transport operators. The company has its own development, a modern testing laboratory and a design and construction centre.

In recent years, DAKO-CZ has established several subsidiaries: the Ostrava-based manufacturing company DAKO-CZ Machinery, the Mostek-based repair company DAKO-CZ Service and the adjuster manufacturer DAKO-CZ Transelco. In India, it has established a subsidiary called DAKO-CZ India and joint ventures MEDHA DAKO-CZ Pvt. Ltd. and JWL DAKO-CZ Pvt. Ltd. with the Indian partners. DAKO- CZ has been successfully supplying its products to India.

The company DAKO-CZ is a member of the industrial- technological group CSG and its division CSG Mobility.

member of UNIFE and ACRI association
number of employees: 645
year company established: 1816