RETEX a.s.

Adress: U Nádraží 894, 672 01 Moravský Krumlov
Phone: +420 702 235 546
Employees: 250
Activity: Production, finishing and recycling of nonwovens

The company has been operating on the market since 1950. RETEX is a traditional nonwoven manufacturer operating in many industries. Our products are based on modern technologies and have high added value. An experienced team of experts is behind their development. RETEX products are based on the principles of circular economy, ie they are recyclable.
For the railway industry, we offer thermal acoustic insulation, which can be used in all types of rolling stock. Our products meet the requirements of the EN45545 – HL3 standard. At the same time, we are working to expand our portfolio for railway applications with, for example, fireblockers, mattresses for sleeper carriages and new environmentally friendly bio-degradable materials.
We also offer the possibility of developing textile and insulation materials exactly tailored to customer requirements.