TTC Controls s.r.o

Adress: Třebohostická 987/5, 100 00 Praha 10, Česká republika
Phone: +420 234 051 001
Employees: 22
Activity: Company is engaged in the development, production and
installation of control systems and of electronic equipment in the fields of rail
transportation. With the specialisation on applications requiring a high degree
of reliability in demanding work environments.

We provide modern communication technologies for railway vehicles.

In 2020, company took over activities of UniControls, which has long been one
of the most importan European suppliers of these technologies.

The company is focused on and will specifically continue to pursue its
activities directed towards:

  • Projects for the production and supplying of complex systems
  • Projects for the production of industrial control systems for
    demanding operating conditions and large-scale operations and supplying them
  • The comprehensive supply of control and communication
    systems for rail vehicles and their assembly
  • The design and production of items of equipment for modern
    rolling stock
  • The development and supply of computer modules, equipment
    and communications software, both for industry and
  • Systems for telemetry and data transmission
  • The development of system software and of tools for
    application programmes