STARMANS electronics, s.r.o.

Adress: V zahradách 836/24, Praha 8 – Libeň, 180 00 Praha 8
Phone: +420 225 442 253, +420 225 442 231, +420 603 415 465
Employees: 58
Activity: Research, development and production company since 1993

STARMANS electronics is an engineering company providing advanced solutions:

  • Traction drives systems using silicone carbide (SiC) technology
  • Spare parts for vehicles (railways, trams, …)
  • Non-destructive testing equipment: portable ultrasonic devices and industrial systems for testing (ultrasound, IR, magnetic particles and other NDT methods). Use for vehicles and infrastructure, iron production, oil and mining industry, aerospace and woodworking industry
  • Telemetric equipment (data collection, monitoring, fault prediction) for power engineering (turbine, gas stations…)


STARMANS electronics is an ISO-certified and export-oriented company based in Prague with 2 manufacturing facilities. The Research and Development Department solves projects with research organizations such as the Academy of Sciences of the CR, universities and owns equipment for nanotechnology and microelectronics.