Adress: Tovární 2053, 250 88 Čelákovice
Phone: +420 326 509 014
Employees: 58
Activity: Research, development and testing of metals, plastics and composites

SVÚM is research organization in the field of basic and applied research and development of metallic materials, plastic, composites and testing their features in accredited laboratories.

As part of its activities is also involved in research project at home and abroad.


a) Applied (R&D) of new alloys, technologies, material processing and metallurgical products from metals and their alloys; consultancy, expertise, supervision, analysis of components and tools.

b) Testing (CIA accredited laboratory according to EN ISO 17025), tests of mechanical properties (static, impact and fatigue), cooperation with Notification of a Body in the framework of technical harmonization directive EN ISO/IEC 17025; EN ISO/IEC 17065, EN ISO/IEC 17021. Metallurgical analysis, chemical analysis, corrosion tests, tests at high temperatures (creep)

c) Welding – testing and certification of welding personnel and expert services. Technologocal procedures WPS, WRAP, WPQR, pWPS, inspection of steel structures, welding supervision and supervision.

d) Special technologies and manufacturing

  • anticorrosion coatings
  • products made of PTFE, Metaloplast
  • high performance permanent magnets