VÚKV a.s.

Adress: Bucharova 1314/8, 158 00 Praha 5
Phone: +420 225 343 402
E-Mail: info@vukv.cz
Web: www.vukv.cz
Employees: 71
Activity: Research, development and testing of railway rolling stock

The company is involved in development and testing of railway vehicles, containers and components of transport engineering including advisory and consultancy service as well as assessment.

We offer in development area complex solutions from the opening study via design, construction, documentation and cooperation in manufacture of prototypes to approval and commissioning including necessary calculations and simulations.

We provide applied research in the fields of strength, brakes, running behavior, test methods and equipment and also the applied research according to customers’ requirements.

In testing area is VÚKV a.s. accredited according to ČSN EN ISO 17025 (testing laboratory No. 1085) and equipped for implementation of wide range of railway rolling stock, component and container tests in compliance with TSI guidelines, European standards and UIC leaflets.

The key clients are both domestic and foreign manufacturers of railway rolling stock and transport technology, repair plants, infrastructure administrators and operators.