Adress: Tylova 1581/46, 301 00 Plzeň
Phone: +420 371 430 700
E-Mail: obchod@vzuplzen.cz
Web: www.vzuplzen.cz
Employees: 87
Activity: Acredited tests, calculations and measurement of rail vehicles

VZÚ Plzeň is a company with a hundred-year tradition in the field of research, development and accredited testing The company offers the following services in the field of rail vehicles:

Dynamic Laboratory Tests
Strength and fatigue life tests of rail vehicles and their components during the simulation of a real operational loading

Computer simulations of vehicles
Fatigue strength and service life, dynamics of body and suspension, vehicle external aerodynamics, HVAC systems, ventilation and heating of vehicle interiors

Measurement and analysis of the operational loading
Operational tests of vehicles, measurement of the operational loading, prediction of fatigue life

Noise and vibration
Calculation, measurement and analysis of internal and external noise, measurement and vibration analysis of vehicles and their constructional parts, noise and vibration reducing projects

Material testing
Accredited Testing laboratory No. 1047