OLTIS Group a.s.

Adress: Dr. Milady Horákové 1200/27a, 779 00 Olomouc
Phone: +420 588 208 555
E-Mail: oltis@oltis.cz
Web: www.oltis.cz
Employees: 99
Activity: Information systems for transport and logistics

OLTIS Group answers many extensive information systems tasks for railway traffic control with network scope and links to European transport network.

  • Design, development and testing of information standards in area of railway transport.
  • Integral parts of our activities include complex software solutions making possible to extend the standard business information systems by use of specialized superstructures covering all the area of transport logistics and railway, road, water, air and combined transport technology with stress to interoperability of supported systems.
  • The Group consists of specialized software companies which are involved in a close and effective cooperation. This allows us to offer users significantly comprehensive and flexible information systems with numerous tailor-made components and a full range of accompanying services.

The main development background is based in the Czech Republic; however, the business group has its own subsidiaries in Slovakia, Poland and Hungary.