T-CZ, A.S.

Adress: Na Strži 241/28, 140 00 Praha 4
Phone: +420 466 034 501
E-Mail: info@tcz.cz
Web: www.tcz.cz
Employees: 160
Activity: Development, production and services in the field of radiocommunication and radiolocation equipment

T-CZ Company  ensures especially development, production and services in the field:

  • Airport surveillance and precision approach radars.
  • Monitoring systems
  • Railway radio communication systems especially in the band of 150 MHz and 450 MHz.
  • CAB radios for European networks according to the European standards. Its modular design offers integration other peripheral devices and connection to the other onboard systems.
  • Antennas of wide range of frequency band
  • Train Borne Recorder for communication system