KONSTRUKCE Media, s.r.o.

Adress: Starobělská 5/1133, 700 30 Ostrava – Zábřeh
Phone: +420 597 317 578
E-Mail: info@konstrukce-media.cz
Web: www.konstrukce-media.cz
Employees: 7
Activity: Professional publishing and professional training

One of the publishing house’s products is, among other things, the printed magazine SILNICE ŽELEZNICE, which is a professional magazine focused on the development of transport infrastructure and line constructions. It also includes information from the railway industry, cyber safety, control systems, traffic signs, construction machinery and building materials. It also promotes the results of scientific research and its involvement in practice.

SILNICE ŽELEZNICE magazine occupies a leading position on the market of professional magazines in the Czech and Slovak territories. Thanks to cooperation with similar prestigious professional magazines abroad, it offers current technical and economic information and news in the field from various European countries and the world.