KONSTRUKCE Media, s.r.o.

Adress: Starobělská 5/1133, 700 30 Ostrava – Zábřeh
Phone: +420 597 317 578
E-Mail: info@konstrukce-media.cz
Web: www.konstrukce-media.cz
Employees: 7
Activity: Professional publishing and professional training

Our vision is to support and cultivate the field. We enable the sharing of key information between professionals, we motivate the next generation to study at technical schools.

The means used for this purpose are mainly professional periodicals, conferences and symposia that we publish and organize. The products of our publishing house include, among others, the printed magazine SILNICE ŽELEZNICE and the internet portal silnice-zeleznice.cz.

These are professional degrees focused on the development of transport infrastructure and line constructions. They occupy a leading position on the market of specialist periodicals in the Czech and Slovak territories. Since 2012, we have also regularly prepared a special export edition in English and German, Czech and Slovak Railway Industry, which is distributed at the Innotrans trade fair in Berlin.

Professional, educational and networking activities include, for example, the International Bridges Symposium or the Steel Construction Conference.