RETIA, a.s.

Adress: Pražská 341, 530 02 Pardubice
Phone: +420 466 852 111
Employees: 50
Activity: Development and production of military and security systems and ReDAT Recording Systems.

RETIA, which operates worldwide, was established in Pardubice, Czech Republic, in 1993 by a team of leading experts in the processing, display and transmission of radar signals and telecommunications.

In the telecommunication sector RETIA is a market leader for re¬cording solutions with the ReDAT system. The users can benefit from this highly sophisticated system used for recording voice, screen and other relevant data which are automatically analyzed and then available in a well-arranged and structured form.

The ReDAT system ensures dispatch systems are capable of analysis, online monitoring and controlling situations as they appear in a comprehensive manner using all available resources at all times.

ReDAT also helps improve the abilities of agents and dispatchers, lowering costs for their training and thereby streamlining operations and improving services.

Among our customers there are major mobile operators, banks, in¬tegrated rescue system units, rail transport infrastructure management, air traffic controllers and commercial contact centres.