Adress: Pražská 341, 530 02 Pardubice
Phone: +420 466 852 111
Employees: 50
Avtivity: RETIA, which today operates worldwide, was established in Pardubice, Czech Republic, in 1993 by a team of leading experts in the processing, display and transmission of radar signals and telecommunications.

From mentioned telecommunication industry, RETIA has developed its ReDat Recording Systems division. This division provides a recording system that allows users to analyze, live-monitor and control the ongoing situations at dispatch centers.

This highly modular system with a wide integration potential fully covers the need for recording not only in the dispatching segment, but also in the ATC / ATM segment and contact centers.

ReDat helps improve the abilities of agents and dispatchers, lowering costs for their training and thereby streamlining operations and improving services.

Our customers include major mobile network operators, large banks, important utilities, integrated rescue system units, railroad managers, airports, air traffic control and successful commercial call centres.